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Vist the Asian Classics Institute for complete readings in English and Tibetan, answer keys, original recordings of Geshe Michael Roach teaching the courses, students notes, homeworks, quizzes, and the final exam. The material on this website is adapted from that material.
Asian Classics Institute - Online Sangha
ACI Teacher Training Courses

English Track
Dorena Rode, Ph.D.    [email protected]     (623) 242-5310

These online courses contain the same information as the traditional courses. In the past (and currently), students that are unable to make it to live teachings are able to study the ACI courses independently by downloading audio and written material, completing the work and mailing in their work to ACI for credit. These online courses offer an alternate study route and offer the advantage of connecting the remote student to fellow classmates and a teacher for live discussions. The online courses are meant to be taken with other students simultaneously as a cohort, but they could also be used as a supplement to the material currently offered at ACI website: ACIdharma.org.

Prerequisite Requirements
Computer with the ability to play Flash productions (for playing the audiovisual ‘lecture’) Internet Access (to connect to website: theheartanswers.org for access to lecture, readings and homework) Personal Email (to receive course notifications, quizzes and exams and to turn in homework, quizzes and exams) Skype (ideal) or Phone line (for discussion sessions. As we grow, it might be nice to have an online meeting place or classroom program to replace the Skype conference calling.) Optional Printer (for printing readings and other course materials.)
The courses can be taken out of order – for instance, you are not required to have taken course 1 before taking course 2.

Email Dorena your phone/Skype number. Indicate which course you are signing up for.

Course Syllabus
The material for each course is broken down into ten parts referred to as classes. Each class will have a video lecture, reading, homework, discussion section, and quiz associated with it. There is a cumulative final at the end of the course that is based on the quizzes. Your work will be graded by the instructor and then submitted to the ACI office for recording and certification.

“Class” flow
Students should complete the video lecture, the associated reading and start (or complete) the homework before the scheduled discussion session. Students will participate in the discussion of the material covered in the class lecture and should come prepared with any questions they may have (especially about the homework). The students will have an opportunity during this time to get all the correct answers to the homework problems.
The next step for the student is to email the homework (must have the meditation assignment complete) to the instructor and a request for the quiz. The quiz will then be sent to the student. (Quizzes are closed book, closed notes and are made of questions taken directly from the homework.) When the quiz is complete the student will email the finished quiz back to the instructor for grading and begin watching the lecture for the next class. The order of operations is summarized as follows:
  • Video Lecture
  • Reading
  • Homework (open notes)
    • Questions
    • Memorization
    • Meditation
  • Discussion
  • Quiz (closed book - questions come from the homework)
At the end of the course there will be a final discussion section to review all the material. The final exam will be sent to the students when they are ready for it. This exam is based on the quizzes.

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